About Dan

Dan Flanagan is the founder of Flanagan Realty and known as the “Go to Guy” for residential, commercial and industrial land and farm real estate transactions. He is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in land brokerage, acquisition, assembly, site selection and disposition in the Midwest. His extensive knowledge of land-related issues bring tremendous value to anyone who is seeking to purchase or sell commercial, industrial or residential land or farms as well as land for special uses such as quarries or gas and power facilities.

Dan is the only land broker in the greater Chicago area who has actual, hands-on land development experience in residential, commercial, industrial and special use real estate.

His experience with land ranges the redevelopment of Brownfield properties, acquisition, entitlement and development of residential land, acquisition and siting of quarries, development of industrial and commercial land and builds as well as experience with power generation and utility facilities. And, being raised in rural Iowa, he is well versed with farming and farmland.

Over the past 15 years, Dan has assisted people in the purchase, sale and development of over $145,000,000 in residential, commercial and industrial real estate and land. He has also been involved as a consultant or advisor in the development of industrial and utility facilities with finished values in excess of $2,500,000,000. Dan has been directly involved in the ownership and management of over $35,000,000 in investment real estate and land.

To add to his accreditation, Dan received the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation from the Realtors Land Institute. The ALC is an indication of a professional who is the most accomplished, the most experienced and the most knowledgeable land expert. And, ACL designees have met stringent standards for education and experience in selling land.

Growing up in rural Iowa, I learned a few life lessons that have served me well. First, treat everyone fairly, honestly and with respect. Second, don’t be afraid of hard work and strive to be the best you can at whatever you do. Finally, our real purpose in life is to use our unique talents to help other people. These simple life rules have served me well in both my business and personal life and are the foundation of Flanagan Realty.

I love the real estate business and I especially love land. More importantly, I enjoy using my skills, knowledge and experience with land to help other people accomplish their goals. So, whether you’re buying, selling or just have a question, I am here to do whatever I can to assist you.